Proba-3 Science Working Team meeting

Progress on spectroscopy and imaging III

Dec 4th – 6th, 2017, Wrocław, Poland


The SWT#6 will start at 14:00 on Monday, 4 December 2017, and will end at 13:00 on Wednesday, 6 December 2017.

PROBA-3 SWT #6, 4 December 2017, P.M.
Status Reports
14:00 Welcome (J. Zender, M. Stęślicki)
14:10 Mission Status (A. Mestreau-Garreau, presented by J. Zender)
14:30 Project Scientist Status Report (J. Zender)
14:50 ASPIICS PI Status Report (A. Zhukov)
15:20 DARA PI Status Report (B. Walter)
15:50 Coffee break
16:10 ASPIICS Instrument Status Report (C. Thizy, via Webex)
16:50 MOC Status Report (E. Tilmans, via Webex)
17:10 SOC Status Report (B. Nicula)
17:30 SPS FF metrology: status and contribution to SOC and MOC (A. Bemporad)
17:50 SOC - MPS Report (B. Inhester)
18:00 SOC - SRC Report (M. Stęślicki)
18:10 Summary of Day 1
18:20 Closure Day 1
PROBA-3 SWT #6, 5 December 2017, A.M.
Science Session
09:00 An update on the PROBA-3/ASPIICS spectral sensitivity with the new wideband filter (L. Dolla)
09:20 Optimal width of the D3 narrow-band filter (P. Heinzel)
09:40 CMEs studies with ASPIICS (R. Susino)
10:00 Semi-automated method for failed eruptions search in SDO data base (T. Mrozek)
10:20 Coffee break
10:40 CLARA first light and TSI composite (W. Schmutz)
11:10 Long-period quasi-periodic variations of solar flares radiation (Ż. Szaforz)
11:30 Operating ASPIICS during the time of high solar activity (L. Rodriguez)
11:50 A simulation of PROBA-3/ASPIICS operations during CME-Watch observations (L. Dolla)
12:10 Discussion on ASPIICS Operations
12:30-14:00 Lunch
PROBA-3 SWT #6, 5 December 2017, P.M.

ASPIICS Characterization and Calibration 

14:00 Updates on the Diffraction Modelling (C. Aime, R. Rougeot)
14:40 Influence of misalignments on diffracted light in ASPIICS (S. Shestov)
15:10 Status of the External Occulter Scaled Model experimental set-up (F. Landini)
15:40 Inner edge of the ASPIICS field of view: status and way forward (A. Zhukov)
16:10 Coffee break
16:30 LASCO-C2 and eclipse measurements of the coronal polarization - Comparaison with models (P. Lamy)
16:50 Error estimates for polarization angles from SECCHI/COR1 (M. Mierla)
17:10 Generation of ASPIICS synthetic images: details of optical model, pipeline (S. Shestov)
17:30 Daniel K. Inouye Solar Telescope - DKIST (V. Martinez Pillet, via Webex)
18:00 Closure Day 2

19:30 Social Evening

More information to come on the social dinner.
PROBA-3 SWT #6, 6 December 2017, A.M.
 Science Session (continued)
09:00 Antarctica coronagraph: an internally-occulted version of ASPIICS (S. Fineschi)
09:25 Metis coronagraph: status and mission planning (M. Romoli or S. Fineschi)
09:50  First Light of CLARA on NorSat-1, lessons learned (B. Walter)
10:15 The latest eclipse results regarding both coronal imaging and spectroscopy (S. Koutchmy)
10:40 Coffee break
11:00 Discussion of the Science Management Scheme (All)
12:00 Discussion of the Guest Investigor Program (J. Zender, A. Zhukov)
12:40 Next meetings: date and place
12:50 AOB
13:00 Closure

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