Progress on spectroscopy and imaging III

November 19th – 21st, 2019, Wrocław, Poland


Progress on spectroscopy and imaging III is the third conference in a series organised by Solar Physics Division of Space Research Centre of Polish Academy of Sciences, Astronomical Institute of Wrocław University and Polish Academy of Sciences – Wrocław division.

The conference will focus on reviewing recent developments in spectroscopy and imaging of the stars (with particular emphasis on the Sun), planets and/or other celestial bodies in different wavelength bands.

The main aim of the meeting is a summary of the new results obtained from analysis of data harvested by past and contemporary space missions.

Also an overview of some further missions, intended to be launched in the upcoming decade, will be shown.

A special session will be dedicated to instrumentation technology, engineering development and implementation.

The workshop will take place at the lecture room of the Polish Academy of Sciences, Wroclaw Division, Podwale 75 street, located in the centre of Wrocław.

The official language for this conference is English.

On-site registration will be possible between 08:45 - 16:00 during the first and second day of the conference.

There is no conference registration fee.